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Maintenance Training for Pro Tools HD / D-Command / Video Satellites in an ISIS / Interplay workflow
Strasbourg (France, 67)
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ARTE: Training of Technical Support head

It is Olivier Erb who has the heavy task of supervising the technique of audio post-production, recently assisted by Vincent Auguenot of Cognaq Jay Images.
For years he has followed and actively participates in the evolution of the mixing auditoriums of the channel, the operators benefited from a training contrary to the technical supervision.

It is now corrected with an 8-day training tailored to the equipment that Olivier has in charge. Pro Tools HDAccel, HDI / O, HD Sync, Video Satellite & ICON D-Command all this integrated in an ISIS / Interplay environment,
Installation, configuration, maintenance & operating bases were on the menu of this on-site training in Strasbourg.

Olivier has a training as an editor (he has practiced for years), with an attraction to the sound that has allowed him to evolve into the profession of sound coaching that is so exciting!

End of July very studious for Olivier Erb in ARTE, always in the good mood, rigor & focused.