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France Télévisions France 2

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Service delivery
Training theme
Introduction to the ISIS / Interplay workflow with a Pro ToolsHD- Video satellite mixing practices
Paris (France, 75)
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Pro Tools / Video satellite in an Avid interplay workflow at France2

The post-production service of France 2 productions (Magazines, Stage2 ...) transforms its post-production tools by placing at heart an Avid ISIS / Interplay system. It was for François Revaud, director of the post-production department, and his new assistant Philippe Vaidie, to train their 10 mixers, including a part from the mixing news, to this new environment based on a Pro Tools and a Video satellite connected to a Studer Vista 7 and interplay. It was a mission mandated by the Lains Bleus Formation, entrusted to Pascal Flork.