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France Télévisions France 3 Auvergne

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Training theme
Sound Post Production in an ISIS / Interplay Workflow on Pro ToolsHD 10
Clermont-Ferrand (France, 63)
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France3 Auvergne : Pro Tools HD Training in an ISIS / Interplay workflow

The integration of a Pro Tools HD connected with an AvidMojo SDI into an Avid ISIS / Interplay environment is a local experience in which the "small" France3 Auvergne team has embarked.
The implementation of the operator training Operators Sounds is due on their own initiative led by Alexandre Jais and Cédric Munro. After many stages with the support of the Center Manager Vincent Delamarre, this training took place between late May and mid-July.
6 operators have been trained, adapting tailor-made training based on their knowledge, experience and confrontation with Pro Tools and technological developments in networks. We have integrated the learning of some methods and tools to progressively apply the EBU/R128 standard.
The station of France3Auvergne (installed in Royat), is of family size, with a warm but rigorous atmosphere in productions.
Warm welcome, friendly with very motivated mixers to discover the Pro Tools HD in version 10, knowing that for the most part this tool is completely new!