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France Télévisions France 3 Corse Ajaccio

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Training theme
Initiation to the exploitation of the ICON | D-Control in TV post-production
Place Studio
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D-Control/Emmanuel Maincent, France3 Ajaccio welcomed during 3 days in September in his studio, Emmanuel Maincent, Operator Sounds / Mixer of France 3 Corse Ajaccio.

It was a meeting of quality and rich in terms of human nature. It was also very intense in terms of work through the transmission of knowledge, practical thinking, because it is a true summary of the operation of the D-Control that he had to remember in a very short time.

Absorption capabilities are now to be confirmed in the grip of this fabulous tool that is D-Control; because the secret is, as often for formations of this type, a very fast practice in a production operation for several weeks. It is the key to continue discovering & confirming a flawless knowledge of the ICON D-Control needed for efficient operation.

That's all I wish Emmanuel!

D-Control Training was managed by  Les Lapins Bleus Formations.