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Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Service delivery
Training theme
Enhanced operation of Pro ToolsHD - D|Control under the Windows environment
Malakoff (France, 92)
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Pro Tools Training in France Ô

During the month of December, a training session around Pro Tools HD on Windows / Icon D | Control was led by Pascal Flork within France Ô for the 8 mixers of the station.

France Ô owns with 4 Pro Tools mixing benches, 3 with D|Control for the mixing of Magazines and Tapes in particular and one with D|Command.

The purpose of this training was to perfect the mixers in the handling of their Post-Production Sound tool. In add of that, the operators were waiting for identifying the operating problems, to suggest solutions and to optimize the France Ô programs production fluidity.
The welcome was very warm and exchanges very informative. I wish all the best for these 8 Operators sounds as versatile as they are friendly.