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Service delivery
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Introduction to the ISIS / Interplay workflow with Pro ToolsHD / Video satellite for broadcast mixing
Malakoff (France, 92)
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France Ô : Pro Tools / Video satellite training in an ISIS / Interplay workflow

After the training days at Pro Tools HD / Satelitte Video / D-Control in December 2011, came the time of the production swap in the ISIS / interplay workflow.
Training days in groups of two for 12 operators, were organized from May to the end of July to show the tools and their integrations in Pro Tools:

  • ISIS / Interplay workflow principles
  • Exploitation of the Interplay Access tool
  • Integrating an Interplay Sequence into a Pro Tools Session
  • Output of the mix and export to the Intreplay instance

Intense days of information that also gradually allowed small inconsistencies in a workflow that was returning to a phase of rampaging.