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France Télévisions Guadeloupe 1ère

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Training theme
Installation and Implementation: D-Control / Pro Tools HD3Accel / Video Sattelite - Training Maintenance
Baie Mahault - Pointe a Pitre (France, Guadeloupe)
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Actualité/ News
RFO becomes 1ère - long mission in Guadeloupe

Between November and December; a new Lapins Bleus Formation mission  has brought Pako to Guadeloupean lands for France Télévisions. This mission was as pleasant as it was rich in events ... judge instead:

• 8 sound operators trained on Pro Tools HD / D-Command / Avid Mojo in the Avid ISIS / Interplay production workflow - almost all made the leap from practices anchored on the Publison / DVC couple to this new technology; the Publison having died shortly before the arrival of the Lapins Bleus Formation team, trainees began to produce at the same time as their learning (News, Trailers, Magazines, ...)

• The channel then simultaneously experienced the switch on DTT, in 16/9, production and broadcasting from Avid systems: with the key a name change since RFO becoming 1ere, the channel was renamed Guadeloupe 1ere.

• Training for the Maintenance Technician (Bravo Fred François) on the News production system.

• A complete installation of a new mixer based on Pro Tools HD3Accel / D-Control / Video Satellite

• Once again training for Fred François of the maintenance department.

The Lapins Bleus Formation team was composed of: (in force)

William Vadon: editor of his state and representative of the Lapins Bleus Formation in Lyon

Aurélien Brelle: brilliant technician Workflow of the company Aski-da

Mickaël Artaud: brilliant technician Aski-da also

Pascal'pako 'Flork; your servant

We wish all the best to the team of Guadeloupe 1ere, and for us especially to Teddy, Jean-Marie, Justin, Alex Hébert, Gilbert, Emilien and Alex of the team Son without forgetting Fred thanking you all for your very Friendly Home! And again Congratulations to you.