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France Télévisions RFO Martinique

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Training theme
Pro Tools HD/D-Command in an Avid ISIS/Interplay workflow for News mixing training
Fort-de-France (Martinique, 972)
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News production workflow and training at RFO Martinique

Another 4 - week mission for this France Télévisions station on Martinique. In addition to the implementation of the workflow already installed in the other antennas (see news Tahiti, New Caledonia, Guyanne ...), it was necessary to stick to the peculiarities of Martinique who do not designate only the coconut rum ... Hours my Lapins Bleus Formation friends in the people of Benoît Tricot (Editing Training), and Yohann Costedoat Descouzieres were there to help me discover ...
The Martiniquaise team, very voluntary and very friendly, were a dozen to be trained on Pro Tools HD / D | Command / ISIS | Interplay .... After intense training, including for the maintenance team, the baptism of fire and the airing was effective December 8, 2009. This experience in the middle of the Martinican landscape leave beautiful memories. I wish them all the best for the future ...