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France Télévisions University

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Service delivery
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EBU/R128: Impacts & issues; information to regional center leaders
Paris (France, 75)
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France Télévisions: Information day around the EBU/R128 stakes with Heads of regional France3

The implementation of the EBU/R128 standard is a real source of questions for technical frameworks and Heads of Centers.
The stakes are many, but still it is necessary to understand what the EBU/R128, what is the aim to understand the impacts and the stakes of this new international standard.

This is what the University France Télévisions proposed to the Heads of France3, and what was entrusted to me by the leaders of training organizations within the university entity of France Televisions.

The proposed days took place in several acts:
Definition of EBU/R128 standard.
Technical vocabulary and explanation of the different units of measurement
Listen to mixed programs at the old standard and the new EBU/R128 standard
Impacts and challenges of this implementation
Material and training needs analysis for internal resources.

It is noted that the follow-up of these days was a personal and voluntary step of each head of center. Exchanges of experiences, points of view and reflections were rich in each group. The meetings were very interesting and allowed in addition a confrontation of point of view operator / supervisor.