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Lapins Bleus Formation

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Service delivery
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DVD & HDTV 5.1 Mixing Training
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Thierry Moizan trained in 5.1 mixing

Thierry Moizan has been an experienced mixer of documentary films for many years; you have no doubt already heard his work. It is with a certain pride that I welcomed him for a fairly thorough training in 5.1 mixing ... The program was very dense:


  • Study of DVD, Dolby E & Cinema standards
  • Home & project preparation 5.1
  • Setting up tracks, and sorting by sound tracks
  • Technical aspects of multichannel management
  • Multichannel treatments.
  • Master 5.1
  • All adorned with examples and critical listening
  • This training on Pro Tools HD3Accel, Listens 5.1 Dynaudio AIR20 / Air15 / Air Base2, Satellite Video for the management of the image to get closer to the operating conditions in the mixing auditoriums.

Thierry is now largely ready to take in hand productions destined to be finalized in 5.1.

It was a week based on the exchange of knowledge, experiences, sharing, technical and practical reflections on our professions. One of the most beautiful weeks of training in the pako course.