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Lapins Bleus Formation

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Service delivery
Training theme
Enhanced operation of Pro Tools 10 for direct take editing
Ivry-sur-Seine (France, 94)
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Lapins Bleus Formations : Enhanced operation of Pro Tools 10 for direct take editing

It is an internship made to measure at the initiative of 4 assistant editors, direct editors, that this training was set up could take place within the premises of Les Lapins Bleus formation. The training program has been tailored to the demands, needs and expectations of the trainees involved.

In a rainy month of April, conducive to learning, this 8-day course allowed these four professionals with great experience to perfect themselves around editing the direct by addressing the following topics:

  • Theoretical reminders on sound
  • Sound recording problems on a shooting set
  • What's New in Pro Tools HD Version 10
  • Machine Configurations
  • Project management and operation of the Pro Tools Workspace database
  • Networking versus standalone
  • Different options for image sync management with Pro Tools.
  • Advanced Edition
  • Different tips for making a sound fitting
  • Phase management
  • Earnings Management
  • Equalization and dynamics treatments
  • Denoising treatments.
  • TimeStretching & Audiosuite treatments
  • ...

8 days dense & intense, without ever having time out as much the energy of the trainees was at the Rendez-vous. A training that has constantly evolved to stick at most to the questions and needs of these operators whose experience was a driving force of this Lapins Bleus Formations session.