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Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Service delivery
Training theme
Sound recording in reports
Neuilly-sur-Seine (France, 92)
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Actualité/ News
Sound recording in reports training/ M6

5 days of training for two permanent M6 editors. Experienced people in the news who, in addition to their great skills in driving motorcycles to get to the top of the news hot spots, are entrusted with the handling of poles, mixers & pickups in the field. .

The training took place in two stages: the first to take up the theory of sound globally, and to dissect their equipment; in a second time a progressive practice in the field at the heart of the news.

Beyond the time of formation it was a beautiful human exchange with individuals of high quality; I wish Marc & Brigitte to find pleasure to take the sound material in situations sometimes complex & very fast.

The training sounds in reports is a training organized by  Les Lapins Bleus Formations.