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Collegians Choir recording for models production.

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Carros (France, 06)
Actualité/ News
College-Mania in Choirs

A real first for forty students of the college Paul Langevin Carros (France, 06) directed with an artistic hand unparalleled.
College-Mania is a long-term project, forty college students constituting a choir for several years see their project result in a recording of their titles.
Led by their music teacher, France Lennoz, this choir has worked 15 songs specially written & composed for this project by France & Jacques Lennoz. All this recorded in 2 days in the Juliette Gréco showroom in Carros (06), May 23 & 24, 2016.
These songs address themes close to the concerns of these young people expressed in class for the text section. As for the very discipline of the choir, the success of this "company" shows how much the collective aspect and the rigor required are pedagogical and educational values ​​that work ... while remaining playful!
This recording was a real experience, a real test also for these young singers whose project should lead to the release of an album in September 2016.

I can only be honored to have participated in this project and to bring my little stone, experience quite unique, with a choir full of energy and desires.
Congratulations to all, and long life for this project out of the ordinary.

Photo Credit: Jeff Town of Carros