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Elie & Les Anarchistes

Basile Cremer
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Elie & Les Anarchistes / Documentaire/Making Off directed by Basile Cremer

Elie & Les Anarchistes is more than a Making Off: it's a real documentary on the production of a film, the relations between the director and his actors, the actors and the technical team, the technical team and its director ! a sort of alchemy that comes to the life of the film, to a success of a whole team driven by a central character!
This new documentary directed by Basile Cremer, where only he followed, shot all these scenes on the sets of film .... with the imprint of Basile which is his own.
I was fortunate to be able to post-produce the sound of this film and participate in this new project by Basil Cremer. A real pleasure to work with a realist such as him, teeming with ideas and common sense in his world.

Elie & Les Anarchiste is available for 8 days prior to the release of Elie Wajeman's "Les Anarchistes", produced by Lola Gans for 24 May productions. The film and its making off to see for one in the room, for the other on Vimeo 8 days before the release of the feature film, and later on the DVD / Blu-Ray ....