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SUSU (Film soundtrack)

Fabien Garosi

SUSU, thriller written & directed by Yixi Sun.

The music of the film composed by Fabien Garosi (uDeserve productions LTD), is one of the pillars that supports the ambiances & tensions of the film. A remarkable creation, with a symphony orchestra recorded in Budapest. The material was just great to work, both artistically and technically. It was necessary to develop a lot of energy for the mixing as the music deserved and brought it to that. Then the pose on the images was even more incredible and allowed fine and subtle adjustments.
Fabien Garosi is definitely a very talented composer; thoughtful, meticulous, rigorous with every detail weighed even if he does not hesitate to leave some magic operating. It is also based on trust and a form of artistic collaboration that favors artistic proposals.

The result is a captivating music, with such sweetness that it creates the feeling of a worry that sticks well to the film.

To listen without restraint on the site of uDeserve productions.

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