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Imanza "Targit"

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Imanza 'Targit': the music can still surprise!

These are projects that I would like to do very often!

Imanza, Kabyle band, which is a real blow to the music. While relying on its Berber origins, this sibling has mixed pop, rock, blues, ... and traditional music styles! The result is surprising, grooves and melodies get married without ever clashing, Berber voices and guitars to defend values ​​and peace messages of fraternity & solidarity.
It deters in its time or on the contrary so many people make sure that peoples, cultures separate on religious funds ... on one side or the other.

Imanza did with the means of the edge ... in Algeria ... what could seem to us in Europe to be the base (to record in a studio) turned out to be exceptional, investing fortunes in their production and thus limiting their time recording.

Just like picking a mixer / director sound like me. This goes in the direction of their approach to brew cultures, influences, inspirations.

Imanza is composed of Rachid (that you will not hear directly on this album) ... the big brother who watches over the artistic work, the production, the management ... but of the agreement of all without Rachid, Imanza n ' would not exist. Imanza is also Azwa, lead vocals & Guitars, and especially of Nora (Chorus & Guitar) & Lynda (Lead Voice / Chorus) who bring an inimitable touch which constitutes a large part of the identity of Imanza.

This project comes from a distance (both literally and figuratively) and has totally reconciled me to musical art production.

To listen as soon as possible.