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Le Coffre

Gabriel Pistre

Le Coffre (Ailleurs / Boxwood)

18 minutes • 4k digital cinema
written and directed by Gabriel Pistre • with Florence Vaconsin
images: Denis Louis • Sound: Pascal Flork • Music: Gérôme Pistre
Costumes: Vanessa Ruiz • Produced by Olivier Desagnat
Boxwood / Ailleurs Productions 2009

with the support of the Aquitaine Region and the Department of Dodogne


Kidnapped and sequestered in the trunk of a car, a young woman narrowly escaped the claws of her captors. In the middle of the night, in the heart of the forest, she tries to find her way, attracted by mysterious sounds. Guided by her senses, she weaves in the darkness a story of which she does not know the epilogue.

"The Chest is an abstract thriller, a sensory inquiry, a cinematic experience.
ultra-concentrated film suspense, The Chest develops in 18 minutes an explosion of sensations that makes live in
the moment the abstract terror of a woman pursued by an invisible and mysterious force. Physical shock, the film
condenses in a few minutes all his emotions and plunges the viewer into a big-bang sound and visual. "

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Sarlat (France, 24), Paris (France, 75), studio de
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" Le Coffre" film Post-Production

What a treat to accompany in his project the young director Gabriel Pistre for his first film .... Gabriel Pistre and Olivier Desagnat (Producer) have entrusted me all the "sound design" since taking his set (shot in September last in the Dordogne .... night) until the final mix (which is a bit more my specialty) through the sound editing and design of all sound effects! A work of titan but VERY rewarding.
The shooting took place in an environment as productive, creative as ... festive ... and especially with the new camera Red One (one of the first imported in France) in the hands of a talented DOP: Denis Louis and his faithful assistant Natacha Raymond. The images shot are as beautiful as the pictures of our stay in the Dordogne that the team has in memory now. (Thanks to Gabriel & Olivier)
Currently, we are at the stage of sound editing, after creating all the sounds as numerous as subtle sometimes! I will not fail to give you news of this Thriller 20 ', without dialogue (unless we consider the main character's breathing), and especially with real moods and a real plot not obvious to develop in a format short .... waiting for the long! News is coming in the news and in a future post.