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Basile Cremer
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Patchwork - documentary directed by Basile Cremer

A documentary can be poetic sometimes, tell a surprising story. This is the case of Patchwork, the story of a woman who could have become a star in comedy and cinema ; she was the friend and student of an exceptional french actors promotion (Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bruno Cremer, Jean -Pierre Marielle, Rich Claude, Jean Rochefort, Paul Vergnier ...) but life has taken her elsewhere elsewhere in a form of trepidation that public life.
It is an incredible film, realized over time, with the means of the edge but with so much heart by its director!
For this film, my participation was at the level of post-production mixing, with a great appeal to the techniques of denoising that I was able to perfect during this stage dedicated to the sound.
A beautiful story, a beautiful film, a beautiful work and especially a beautiful meeting.