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Online tracking & project in residence

Pascal Flork offers several services to follow online your audio post-production progress. A dedicated and secure server for all our data exchanges, files, and listen to the work in progress.  If you need to immerse yourself in the sound of your production, pascal 'pako' flork welcome you in a studio residence facility.



Online tracking is not contradictory to the home studio-residence.

All audio post-production stages are not necessarily interesting to follow; also a certain step back is necessary to rediscover its production and sound enrichment! Pascal Flork offers you two different types of services that are often seen as contradictory but here they are complementary: A platform accessible by internet allowing you to access a private area (via the site), where you can upload and download files, as well as view or listen to the work in progress (as part of a post-prduction his). A studio residence, at a precise stage of your project (as mixing step for example),  in the countryside, a calm environment to fully immerse you in the sound of your production.



More than a site & more than a cloud: a real platform for exchanging files, messages, viewing or listening online.

Totally mastered and controlled by Pascal Flork: from the server side to the development of the site & file hosting. The object has always been to keep all the knowledge and control of this infrastructure: it is an additional guarantee of the security of your data and for your files. Pascal has been working on this since 2009, continually training in new technologies. For you as a customer, your user interface is the site. In addition to the presentation of Pascal Flork's activities, you can ask to create, or create directly from your account a private page that will host your project. This page will only be accessible by yourself (your hosts if you want some) and Pascal Flork.

The platform is accessible 24H/7days and it's hosted in one of the largest European Data Center.


Here are the offered services by this space dedicated to your production project:

  • Drag & Drop your files audio, video, AAF or OMF2 exports to make them available in case of a sound post-production for example.
  • Upload or write notes of intentions, your points on which it is necessary to focus.
  • Download files made available after a sound recording.
  • Listen and / or watch a sound post-production step whatever is HDTV, cinematographic, web or musical.
  • Listen in the conditions where you have all your bearings.
  • Follow & consult the evolution of the work in progress.
  • Comment and / or request changes.
  • Validate the final stage of the work.
  • Download master audio files.

Nothing "virtual" in all this, everything is real, this reliable infrastructure is only a working tool that Pascal Flork provides to productions, creators, composers, directors, ... included in the services cost.



A studio residence: immerse yourself in the sound of your project.

Mixing is mostly the final post-production stage. It is difficult at this step to have all the necessary distance to have a comprehensive and objective look. Mixing is often a connecting step between all the stages of post-production whose part is sound. There are several possibilities to step back and regain objectivity. One of these possibilities is, beyond the studio residence service, a method to address effectively and appreciate the post-production sound:

Take advantage of the online monitoring service to take a step back, while having an ear on the current work.

A home studio residence: a studio in the countryside, far from the daily tremors (but with all the comforts of communication) - 2H40 from Paris (by train) or London (by plane). This exit from context allows to gain efficiency by allowing a total immersion in the project, thus benefit from the previously taken decline, and gain in objective vision of the overall rendering including taking full advantage of the sound environment that marks a part of end point approaching for your post-production. For one or more days depending on the project with a quiet atmosphere and a pleasant environment to focus on the essentials and enjoy ...