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Audio post-production

The post-production sound designates a set of stages including the treatment of Directs, Sound Editing, Sound effects and finally Mixing: true professional know-how.



Post-production is an essential ultimate step in your production..

This is the continuity of your sound production on the edited film after sound recording on the sets of filming.

It requires retreat, knowledge of the project, a place equipped with reliable acoustics and especially mastered by the sound engineer officiating there. The needs vary according to the type of production. The equipment of Pascal Flork, whose plays are in "variable geometry". Different settings are called depending on whether it is music, a HDTV post-production for broadcast , web streaming or cinema post-production.

The mastery and the exercise of these different disciplines (supplemented by sound recording) make it possible to understand the issue of the sound post-production according to the broadcast support. Post-production is a permanent balance between the technical constraints (related to the broadcast) and the artistic wishes of the author (s), director, producer.

The post-production studio is based on the standard Pro Tools HDx, and has a large number of equipment that you can view by using this link.



Full post-production sound services

The services offered, are a great diversity of the years of experience and situations encountered:

  • Direct stage sound takes process.
  • "Denoising" Tools and mastery to handle difficult archives or sound recordings.
  • Post-synchronization Tools & control.
  • Sound editing.
  • Sound FX.
  • VR360, 5.1 & stereo mixing



Online monitoring of work and / or in the studio is not just a site presenting his author's skills and services around audio. It is also a platform for exchanges and communications, based on the "Cloud" servers, totally privately. As soon as you entrust a post-production project to Pascal 'pako' Flork, a server space dedicated to your project is created. This private area is accessible only by you & your co-workers if requested. You will be able to upload your material for the sound post-production support. You will also be able to regularly check the progress of the audio post-production, make annotations and comments. It is also thru this space that Pascal Flork can make available to you the master files for download.

A studio residence residence is also possible in the studio for the artistic finalization. Full board, half board ... "green" to be fully immersed in the project and finalize.